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The Global Leaders in EOR

The EOR Alliance seamlessly combines the expertise of EOR leaders around the world, encompassing all methods, from gas to thermal. Our extensive, state-of-the-art lab, simulation and industrial capabilities support faster and more thorough experimentation, more robust solutions and better risk control.


Our mission: to bring the latest EOR innovations to reservoirs around the world—delivering clients the most reserves, in the most effective ways.

Seamlessly Working Together

With a staff of over 60 senior reservoir engineers, chemical engineers, petrophysicists, geoscientists, simulation specialists, and engineering specialists, the EOR Alliance is also one of the largest groups of experts dedicated to EOR.

Each of the alliance partners are leaders in their respective domains:


IFP Energies nouvelles
World-class energy and geosciences public sector research

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Global leader in specialty chemicals and formulation

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Leading independent E&P consulting and software editor

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