Chemical Supply

Why Chemicals Supply?

Surfactant-based chemical EOR requires case-by-case design of surfactant formulations: specific combinations of two or more products in varying concentration ratios are tested, and adapted to the specific reservoir oil, water, temperature, lithology, …

The Alliance is continuously evaluating new products and expanding its portfolio to ensure that the optimal solutions can be designed for a given reservoir (lowest IFT, best solubility, most stable foam), and that products can be delivered in required quantities and cost for field-scale implementation.

Our Process

We work with a broad range of raw materials and commercial surfactants suppliers, and have developed a large set of proprietary industrially-scalable products specific to EOR applications. The resulting portfolio, which is used by our laboratory experts, fulfils the following requirements:

Our expertise of surfactant manufacturing processes and large-scale supply-chains allows us to support projects throughout implementation phases.



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