Why Prefeasibility Studies?

Prior to beginning a project, it is important to consider which solution will be the best fit for your reservoir and individual challenges. All of the latest Chemical EOR methods should be considered (Surfactants, SP, ASP, Polymer, Wettability alteration, Viscosifying Surfactants).

Our Process

Beicip-Franlab’s experience has been capitalized in a powerful EOR screening tool, which encompasses 15 reservoir and fluid parameters to be considered in chemical and non-chemical EOR projects. Such tools allow us to rank all EOR methods in an objective way, and indicates the killing factors, conditional test passes and unconditional. The software is continuously enhanced through the results of publication surveys and internal R & D results obtained by the other members of the EOR Alliance.


Input screen, showing input parameters and EOR Process status


Radar plot showing the Processed having passed the tests and their relative relevancy

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